Portable Charcoal making Kiln

This Kiln suitable for making charcoal in small scale . one day can make about 220 lbs ( 100kg)

Original post here:  Portable Charcoal making Kiln

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/tag/portable-charcoal-making-kiln/

Charcoal from invasive alien tree species

We have decided to venture into making charcoal from invasive alien tree species. The cattle farm in question is situated in Franklin, approximately 30 km North of Kokstad, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. To achieve this task we adapted the Portable Kiln system and made it into sectionsin order transport it up onto the mountain top where it is assembled, ready for use. This is a self-funded trial to showcase how charcoal production can alleviate poverty and transfer skills in order to create community based stand-alone enterprises…and preserve our rich species biodiversity!

Original post here:  Portable Charcoal making Kiln

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/tag/portable-charcoal-making-kiln/

We have increased our yield to about 25% efficiency by adding conical lids and chimneys, but our original 16% efficiency or 6:1 still gets the job done with minimal capital outlay. We plan to convert 30 hectares of mixed exotic invaders from Australasia Acacia mearnsii (black wattle) and Acacia decurrens (green wattle) on a private farmers’ land back to pristine grassland. We have 5 kilns on the mountain and each kiln produces about 80 to 100 kg (220 lb) of charcoal per day. The felled timber is prepared and stacked in piles measuring 1 m (L) x 1 m (W) x 1 m (H) or approximately 280 kg (617 lb) per pile. We have a staff compliment of about ten dedicated individuals.

Below are some late afternoon vistas of the farm following a thunderstorm, blessing the area with much needed precipitation. The wattle areas can be seen in the last two photos. This is a very beautiful and picturesque farm and with the invasive wattle eventually removed it will be a polished diamond indeed, as seen through the eyes of the first inhabitants of the area.

View the video below for making charcoal by this kiln

Source : http://vuthisa .com/tag/kiln-design/

Original post here:  Portable Charcoal making Kiln

Source : http://charcoalkiln.com/tag/portable-charcoal-making-kiln/


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One comment on “Portable Charcoal making Kiln
  1. Yash Patel says:

    The video presented above clearly specifies that Briquetting Plant produce the Briquette and that is utilized to the burn the furnaces,kilns and boilers for industries.

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